Steve M.

Hi, my name is Steve Michod, I am a patient of Dr. Joseph Homoky. I had this procedure done, where I was given a mouthpiece to stop my jaw from slipping back when I sleep at night and, I noticed after a few days of using it, that my depth perception was better. Things appeared more 3D, and the colors seemed more pronounced, which was a big difference to me. Of course, I also felt more rested.

Dawn Abba, Implant / Fillings / Deep Cleaning

I’m calling on behalf of Joseph M Homoky DMD. I went to the dentist and I had a lot of work done. I had an implant. The tooth is not there yet but the screw is there. I had a lot of cavities filled, I had a deep cleaning, and I must say that the implant, I have no pain, I had no pain after my fillings. Like I said, I had a lot of work done, and I’ve had no pain. People that are afraid of having implants or anything like that shouldn’t have to be afraid because, like I said, I had no pain. My name is Dawn Abba. I just wanted to let you those were the services I had and it was wonderful. Thank you very much.

Howard Speilman, Implant Patient

My name is Howard Speilman. I am a patient of Dr. Homoky. He is my dentist and until I encountered Dr. Homoky, I had an inordinate fear of dentistry from childhood and my experience with Dr. Homoky has been 1,000% positive. I have not encountered anyone more professional, more expert in all of the techniques. He’s up on everything. Most recently, I needed two implants, very frightened by the prospect, I’d heard all kinds of things of what might occur. My experience with Dr. Homoky was fantastic. No pain, I had a very quick healing, and I really can’t say enough about his ability . I recommend Dr. Homoky to anyone who is considering implants or any other dental procedures. He is by far my dentist of choice.

Implant Patient

I’d like this to go to Homoky Family Dentistry. It is about an implant tooth in the front that; I’m not a full time Florida resident but he replaced it for me and my dental company back home in Michigan also commented that it was probably the finest implant they had ever seen done on a patient. I want to make sure that he gets this information and that, not only am I back here but two of our friends are down are also going to be, one already is one of his patients and the other one is also to be here with him too.

Lori Hayes

Hi, this is Lori Hayes. I just wanted to say thank you very much for taking me in on such short notice when I had my emergency last Friday and also I thought everybody was very kind and I did mention that it was the first time I ever went to a dentist and actually had a good time. Thanks so much and I’ll see you again!

Joseph Newman

Hello. My name is Joseph Newman and I went to Dr. Homokey’s office after many years of not going to the dentist and found out he does a great job, it was virtually painless. I suggest that anyone who has been neglecting their teeth for many years go see him. He does a great job. Thank you

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